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In the workshop “The Lads” will learn…
 5 Habits of Happiness, that can lead to resilience & happiness
 The skill of reframing. Using gratitude & empathy to see a situation or event in a more positive way
 Mindfulness practice through movement
 How to deal with bullying
 Stress & Anxiety Management
 How to be a "great mate"
 How to be of service and value to others
 Ways to increase their mood to more positive 
 Through games & fun and engaging practical education sessions 
 I can't believe the change in my son. He has started to do things around the house without being told and he shows greater appreciation by using a lot more thank you's! - Zeljka, Mother
 I am a huge fan of the Growing with Gratitude concept, and the team running it. The world, my generation included, seriously lacks the understanding of the powerful impact a simple task as being grateful can have. To stop everyday and be thankful for all the things we have, and do for each other, puts us all in a better place and brings great strength to our relationships, personal, & professional. - Jamie, Beautiful wife Linda- 2 Sons -Matt 20 and Will 11
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