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Tuesday 19th April
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 As a mum of a boy who attended "The Lads" the immediate response has been amazing, asking to help out all afternoon and willing to help when asked...I am so grateful to all involved!! All I have to do now is learn from Isaac and start it all in our home!!!
- Katherine Parent, South Australia
 Thanks for a great day at "The Lads". Callum had a great time and shared all he learnt today with both my husband and I. A very worthwhile session 👍🏼👍🏼😊😊😊 Highly recommended.
- Sandra Parent, South Australia
 Thank you for having Darcy and Cohen today. Both the boys have been practising what they have learnt at "The Lads" and it really reflects the true impact that today had on them. Now to keep the training up at home, thank you for all of the fabulous resources.
- Amanda Parent, South Australia
 We had a family friend who sadly committed suicide, due to depression. My 9 year old son asked me – will I get depressed Mum? After a pause. He answered his own question – Don’t worry Mum, I know I’ll be fine because I am a Well-being Warrior. (A Well-being Warrior is one of the Growing With Gratitude habits)
- Kelly, Parent, South Australia
 I can't believe the change in my son. He has started to do things around the house without being told and he shows greater appreciation by using a lot more thank you's!Zeljka, Mother
 I am a huge fan of the Growing with Gratitude concept, and the team running it. The world, my generation included, seriously lacks the understanding of the powerful impact a simple task as being grateful can have. To stop everyday and be thankful for all the things we have, and do for each other, puts us all in a better place and brings great strength to our relationships, personal, & professional.Jamie, Beautiful wife Linda- 2 Sons -Matt 20 and Will 11
All presenters are leaders and professionals in their field.
In the workshop “The Lads” will learn…
  • 5 Habits of Happiness, that can lead to resilience & happiness
  • The skill of reframing. Using gratitude & empathy to see a situation or event in a more positive way
  • Mindfulness practice through movement
  • How to deal with bullying
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • How to be a "great mate"
  • How to be of service and value to others
  • Ways to increase their mood to more positive 
  • Through games & fun and engaging practical education sessions 
  • + MORE
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Frequently Asked Question
Who’s created the workshop?
Growing With Gratitude Founder, Ash Manuel. Ash’ is a primary school teacher, who’s passionate about teaching young people positive habits that can lead to greater happiness and resilience. The workshop is evidenced based. Growing With Gratitude has teamed up with Professor Debbie Price (Head of Welling Education) and Professor Deborah Green from University of South Australia to create the best possible resource we can and we always look to improve.
Can you refund a workshop?
We can offer a refund to the course if requested 2 weeks prior to the course date. We only take a very limited number of boys per course, therefore refunds can only be made 14 days prior to the course date. After 14 days, we can offer a spot in an upcoming workshop.
Do all your presenters have police checks to work with children?
Yes, all presenters have clearances. The safety of children is paramount to the Growing With Gratitude workshops.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

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